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VIRTUAL DRIVE 96: Drive, Shoot and Chill to the Sound of Vaporwave in this Shooter/Racing Game

Virtual Drive 96 is a third-person indie racing and shooter game produced by xezton and published on July 12 of this year, on the indie gaming platform "itch.io". In the game, you control a car, "The 96", on a vaporwave track full of remnants and statues that want to download your data, data that you need to recover during the race.

The game was produced for Vaporjam, a Vaporwave themed game jam, and graphically speaking, it's pretty simple, but it reflects all the aesthetics of Vaporwave. In terms of gameplay, you use the WASD keys and Space bar to control the car, while using the mouse to aim and shoot at the remnants. In addition, the track, composed by Stevia Sphere is well-produced, giving a relaxing atmosphere and that matches the travel aspect provided by the game.

You can check out the gameplay of Virtual Drive 96 at this link here. If you are interested, you can download the game on this page below:


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