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WHITEHAVEN: Discover the Secrets of an Ancient Orphanage in this Psychological Horror Game

Whitehaven: Prologue is a first-person psychological horror adventure game produced by Somnambulist Games and with a demo version published on June 23 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In this prologue, you control Rachel, a girl who lives at Whitehaven Orphanage. Knowing that there is a network of suspicions and mysteries that haunt the place, you decide to find a way to escape, while you try to unravel the truth behind the orphanage and its owners.

Whitehaven has very well done graphics, and an intuitive yet simple gameplay. You explore a huge place, whose rooms become available after solving certain puzzles. The story is told through files and clues that are found over time. In addition, there is the psychological factor: Whitehaven presents a frightening atmosphere, fueled by sounds, sights and moments of tension.

The game is set to be released, in its full version, sometime in 2021. You can check the gameplay of the game at this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the prologue from either the "" or Steam (take the opportunity to put the game on your account's wishlist) pages, in one of the links below:

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