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WORKING TIDAL: Dive for Epic Loot to Pay Off Your High Debts in This Action Game

Working Tidal is a third-person action game produced by duckenheimer and published on September 1st of that year, on the indie gaming platform "itch.io". In Working Tidal, you are another one of those people who signed a strange contract with a strange salvage company, Oaker, LLC. You receive, from them, a nuclear submarine to dive in various areas, looking for loot, and thus paying your debts. But during your time on the job, you may find yourself discovering things that the company probably kept from you.

The game was produced for the Haunted PS1 Game Jam, Summer of Shivers. However, Working Tidal wasn't made taking inspiration from the retro look of PS1 (or PSX) games, but from the Sega Dreamcast, probably the first console to enter the 128-bit generation, loved by many and had a short lifetime. The look is stunningly beautiful, and it emulates a lot the look of Sega's latest console. The gameplay presented here is typical of several arcade games present on the console (such as Crazy Taxi or Sega Fishing Bass).

At first, the game may seem dull, but make no mistake: Working Tidal, although short, is extremely fun, as you get upgrades and even progress through the stages according to the cash you receive at the end of the stage. You collect various items, which vary in price during the work, but this only while the fuel lasts, which when finished announces the end of the game. You can check out Working Tidal's gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you're interested, you can download it from the game page below:


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