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A thrilling action inside of a living spaceship

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Diluvian Ultra is a first-person shooter indie game with retro graphics, remembering some examples like Project Warlock and Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch. Here, you are Atilla, a zombie king that runs through some kind of living spaceship, facing a lot of unknown enemies to protect your most sacred treasure: The Book of Life, whose power can bring back to life the human species reminiscent, apparently extinct.

The gameplay is typical of some FPS indie games: you can run, jump, attack with your sword or other weapons, as well as combine them to being more effective against enemies. Some weapons are used only to break certain invader's armor, so it's necessary a combination of this kind of weapon with a melee attack to beat down them. Visually, the game presents 16-bit sprites and characters, in the same style as the mentioned games above. The spaceship is an interesting case: she is a combination of metal, stone, and flesh and move in an organic form; even the doors are alive and open with a little bit of force.

The soundtrack is composed in a Synthwave style, which combines with the game visual as well as illumination, very attractive. The game is still in the demo version and there's no release date. Check out the gameplay right here and download the demo on the link below:

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