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CHUCKY: A Puppet Possessed by a Serial Killer comes to Get You in this Homage to a Horror Classic

CHUCKY: The Good Guy is a short survival horror first-person indie game that was produced by Stefano Cagnani and published on November 9th of this year. In The Good Guy, you control a girl who is home alone and who apparently acquired a "Good Guys" doll, leaving it in her bedroom. However, after a few minutes in the living room, watching TV, you decide to go to your room to sleep, only to discover that he is no longer there, and even worse, he is alive, armed with a knife and has no good intentions for you.

The Good Guy is a pertinent release. Recently we had the launch of the Chucky TV series, on the Star+ streaming platform, belonging to Disney. The game is based on both the series and the famous Child's Play movie series and derivatives (Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, etc.). Stefano Cagnani has a great artistic sense, and has produced several games based on horror and science fiction classics (some of which we've already covered here, like Shadow of Leatherface, Halloween, Scream and B E Y O N D). In terms of graphics, the game is very well produced, although some bugs appear (like a glass cup floating in front of an armchair, for example). The gameplay is typical of many first-person indie games. Even the goal is simple here: wait for the right moment and run away from Chucky, finding an exit door.

Compared to other productions by Cagnani, CHUCKY: The Good Guy is a bit weak, which leads me to believe that it was produced in the wake of the show itself. But that's okay, it's a fun game and captures all the creepy vibes in the movie franchise (and maybe the TV series). Check out The Good Guy gameplay and download the game by clicking on the links below.


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