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H E A R T A C H E: An Intense And Terrifying Survival Horror With A Chainsaw Killer.

Heartache is a survival horror game developed by Stefano Cagnani - developer of other games like War of The Worlds Survival, War of The Worlds 1913, Alien Damnation, Halloween Part II - where you play as a woman who, after waking up, realizes that there are several broken bodies in the place and sees an old chainsaw on . Now you deduce that the killer is still in place and fight for your survival in a cinematic game full of breathtaking moments.

The game has very good visuals, which is Stefano Cagnani's trademark, and very cinematic angles, with different camera angles - and the game's protagonist - and always a tense atmosphere of horror where with little or no instruction you are forced to act intuitively to survive.

The game is of short duration, with a gameplay of approximately 5 minutes and many climax moments, with well-made survival moments, sounds that enhance the horror experience and a simple gameplay, common in Cagnani's games, but which serve for the game purpose.

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