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HATCHING (ALL EVENTS): A Horror Simulator Game Based on a Movie About a Little Girl and an Egg

Hatching is a short indie simulation, horror and point-and-click game that was produced and developed by Airdorf and published on May 16th of this year, being available on the platform. Hatching was inspired by the film of the same name, produced this year, and which tells the story of Tinja, a 12-year-old girl who seeks to please her mother, a woman obsessed with presenting the image of a perfect family. One day, Tinja finds a strange egg, which will be the trigger for strange situations in the house.

Airdorf is well known here on our channel for the game Summer Night (published in the first Dread X Collection): while in the aforementioned game you play on a handheld from the 90s, here in Hatching, the gameplay is in the best Tamagotchi style (another holdover from the 90's): Using only the mouse, you should do your best to create the egg very well, bathing it, feeding it and putting it to sleep. As for the graphics, it's quite simple, in the same style as Summer Night, where you have artwork in a few pixels on a static background, simulating an LCD screen.

Check out Hatching gameplay on our channel. If you're interested, you can download Hatching game from the page. The respective links can be accessed below.

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