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INVICTUS: Escape the Clutches of a Post Apocalyptic Nightmare in the Center of a Snowy Landscape

Invictus is a short indie first-person survival adventure game that was produced by DarrenTheDev and published on the platform on January 25th of this year. In Invictus, you wake up in a dangerous snowy landscape after a train accident. After wandering around a bit, you find a hut and, upon entering it, you realize that something terrible has happened, after seeing a huge trail of blood, and not only that: strangely, you find a kind of terminal that, when deactivated, you start being chased by strange creatures with red lights. Now your objective is to find other terminals located in this landscape and discover the origin of these creatures, besides, of course, finding the way out of that place.

There's not much to say about Invictus: to be quite honest, the game is nothing more than a variant similar to two other games already seen here on the channel: Relive and Breakout, although Invictus manages to stand out a little more in terms of of graphics. The gameplay is very simple and typical of many games of the type, with just moving, running and jumping, in addition to using a flashlight to explore darker places. Perhaps the biggest difference here, compared to Relive and Breakout, is that the game has a map that you can consult at a moment in the game, in addition to a considerable level of challenge, if we take into account that there is a maze with one of these creatures roaming the place and a closed base where you are chased after deactivating a terminal. In this, I can say that Invictus stands out from the other two previous versions.

Check out Invictus' gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game by clicking on the respective links below.


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