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LYCANTHORN II: A First-Person Game Where You Must Protect the Land from Vampire's Hordes

Lycanthorn II: Rain of Beasts is a first-person action and exploration indie game created by scumhead and published on December 05 of this year. The game is a direct sequence from the first title, released in October of the same year and here, again, you are Rain, a vampire hunter with werewolf blood who, after defeating Carmilla on an island next to Morvania, returns to your homeland only to find out that it is infested with monsters and demons of all kind. To make things worse, Rain discovers, by your master Alucard, that Nosferatu has risen and is behind this. It's up to Rain to defeat him, but this time she will not fight alone...

At first, we see that this game has clearly great similarities with Castlevania, which goes from the "Vampire Hunter" thematic to a vampire renegade that helps you to defeat another Vampire in your castle. In terms of graphics, the game is a typical 8-bit game, but from a first-person perspective. That combines very well with the idea of being a homage to Konami's franchise.

The soundtrack also has the same similarities, using a chiptune style, and even making reference to the "Bloody Tears" theme, right on the first dungeon. The gameplay style is the same as any classic FPS but, differently from the first game, you have 4 different characters, with different abilities. Nothing different from classic FPS games.

If the first game was good, Lycanthorn II did it better: the game has more characters, a massive overworld, improving the exploration sense and improved the challenge, as well as fun. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download this game on the link below.

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