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POOP KILLER 3: Be A Bartender In The New Toilet Head Killer Horror Episode.

Poop Killer 3 is a comic horror indie game developed by 616 Games where you follow another episode of the comical toilet-head killer who attacks his victims who clog the toilet. In this new episode, you play as a bar owner from the 80s and must serve drinks to his clientele. You can also follow the previous chapters of Poop Killer 2 and Poop Killer 1.

The game has the same visuals as previous games and the same graphic style inspired by games from the 32-bit era. However, it has minor changes such as the conversation lines of the NPCs above their heads instead of the standard window and the game has become shorter and more objective. In addition, the secondary tasks were mixed with the main task, making the game shorter than the previous ones.

Poop Killer 3 is a comic horror game with some improvements and addition of 4 different endings, one of which is when the toilet-head catches up to you and 3 more endings that can be selected from the final dialogue options, including a 101 fight against assassin.

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