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REMEMBER?: Escape From an Entity and Defend Yourself Using Your Surroundings While Try to Remember

Remember? is a very short first-person psychological horror game that was produced by Mike Klubnika and published on May 22nd of this year, available on the platform. The game was produced within 48 hours for the MIST IX Game Jam and the premise is simple: you must run from a menacing entity through a corridor full of crates and barrels, and you must slow it down by throwing these elements while you search for a exit site.

According to Klubnika, the game takes inspiration from the Silent Hill franchise and the short film "ROT", produced by Corridor Digital. There is not much to comment here, as it is a very simple game with a very simple premise. Graphically speaking, Remember? features a low-poly visual with low resolution, showing an inspiration in the aesthetics of PS1 games. The gameplay is easy to learn, since you only walk using the WASD keys and interact with the Mouse.

As for the horror aspect, it is worth remembering that Mike Klubnika has already had two games covered here on the channel: one called Film Morbid (this here produced by Point Vertex and having Klubnika in graphics production), more focused on the puzzle in a 30s movie style, and Core, this one with a style similar to what we have here. in Remember?, where psychological pressure takes effect, since here you need to memorize a certain number while feeling the pressure produced by the game. Check out the Remember? gameplay on our channel. If interested, download the Remember? game on the page. The respective links are below.

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