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REMINISCENCE: A Physicist Travels Through Time to Save His Family in This Horror Game

Reminiscence is a simulation and horror game produced by ISART DIGITAL students and published on June 30 of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Reminiscence, you are an apparent physicist who has discovered a way to time travel to save your family. But his mission turns out to be a total despair when he learns of the existence of an entity that lives between the dimensions of time. And she knows of your existence and what you're doing. It's up to you to find clues about your family and find a way to save them.

The game was produced as a work of graduate students at ISART DIGITAL, an institution dedicated to learning how to produce video games and visual effects for films, an institution that is the result of a partnership between Paris, Montreal and Tokyo. On his page on "", there are several projects carried out by the students, some of them already tested on our channel, such as Astreia's Gift and the recent Blood Spear. Because it's a project made by students, these projects usually don't turn into complete games, and in the case of Reminiscence, it's no different.

By default on many projects, this game features beautifully produced graphics. It is notorious the high level of production present. Its gameplay, however, is quite simple: its only commands here are movement, and mouse-related ones, such as interaction and the feature of going backwards in time, to correct certain errors within dimensions. Reminiscence does not have a definite plot, but we can discover a lot about the character and its context through letters, news and the character's own thoughts.

Check out the gameplay of Reminiscence on this link here and take the opportunity to download, if you are interested, the project on the page below:

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