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STONE STACKING: A Horror Game where Silence is Your Only Salvation from Vengeful Monsters

Stone Stacking / 石積み(ishitsumi) is a short Japanese first-person horror game being produced by shimage and which has a prototype published on January 5th of this year, on the platform. In the game, you find yourself in a mysterious and dark forest, with several altars. You hear a strange voice that says that to get out of there, you'll need to find stones and carry them to the altars, to free spirits that didn't make it back home, but for that you need to make as little noise as possible, because you're not alone: ​​there are strange, sound-sensitive creatures that can kill you if things go wrong.

In terms of graphics and lighting, the game is very well made by the standards of indie games made by Japanese. The game has three options: one being the tutorial, where you learn the basic commands, another being the normal game, and the last one titled "Start True Game", which is the same option as before, but with differences regarding situations such as the rapid use of fuel, agile enemies, etc. The gameplay is very simple, but a little challenging, as you must avoid noise, both from your steps and from the stones. And speaking of stones, you still have to walk the path both to and from an altar to the place of the stones and vice versa, all while trying to balance them and avoid their falling, otherwise it will call the attention of the monsters as far as you are.

So far shimage said, on his game page, that he's looking to improve it, thinking about adding new enemies and weapons. It would even be an interesting idea, but I think it would overshadow a little the sense of horror proposed by your work. Perhaps a larger addition of maps would be a good idea as it would prolong the fun of the game. It remains to wait for the news it will bring. In the meantime, check out the Stone Stacking gameplay and, if you are interested, download the game now by clicking on the links below.


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