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TENDER: Discover the Cause of the Disappearance of a Young Couple in this Horror Game

Tender is an indie simulation and psychological horror game produced by Shatter Glass Games and published on May 31, 2020, being updated on March 10 of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The game takes place in 1991, in an old cabin where, reportedly, a young Floridian couple disappeared during a hiking activity. As the investigations proceeded, suspicions fell on a person who lived near the location of the couple's disappearance. The individual was interrogated, had his house investigated, but they found nothing to accuse him, causing him to be released immediately.

The game features a style similar to "The House by The Lake", produced by the same developer. In both, you explore a huge house, beyond its surroundings, while encountering sudden appearances of spirits. It is a simulation game, so the gameplay is very simple here, where you just walk, look around with the mouse, and interact with the Q and E keys. Another example is in the visual part, where in the same way in "The House by The Lake", the graphics have a low-poly style apparently inspired by the PC games of the early 90's, as in the first "Alone in The Dark", for example.

Perhaps the only problems with this game are its duration and jumpscares: the game is very short and can be finished in a few minutes, and it has a very interesting atmosphere, which would be even more interesting if it were a little longer. As for jumpscares, they don't hold up much, you just have a spirit that pops out of nowhere twice and that's it. After another turn, the effect of the jumpscares is lost. This could be done a little better in order to present an interesting and immersive horror experience.

Check out Tender's gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested in playing it, just click on the game page on the link below:

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