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VACANT ISLAND: A Short Reverse-Horror Game Inspired By N64 Games.

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Vacant Island is a short indie adventure and platform game with horror touches that is being produced and developed by xena-spectrale and which, due to a game jam (32bit Spring Cleaning) being carried out this year, had a prototype published in May 31st, and is available on the platform. The premise of Vacant Island is quite simple: you have a small open world, and your only mission is: to explore it, discovering its darkest secrets while collecting humans and ghosts along the way.

Spectrale is already a well-known figure here on the channel, as we cover some games produced by it, ranging from more typical games like Capture Corps: Archipelago, nostalgic and interesting games like the beautiful Sanctuarium Online, which simulates a dying Nintendo DS MMORPG and even games very strange and quirky, like the Essence//Structure puzzle and Blutclub, and it's no different in the case of Vacant Island. Evoking an aesthetic and style inspired by the games of the famous Nintendo 64, Vacant Island presents a nostalgic and at the same time scary atmosphere with graphics that simulate the main characteristics of the 64 bit console. Its gameplay is very typical of indie simulation games: the game was mainly inspired by the Animal Crossing franchise, which for those who don't know, originated precisely on the Nintendo 64, but was only released in Japan. So far, the gameplay consists of exploring the location and collecting humans and ghosts, and nothing else, but nothing that prevents Spectrale from creating new gameplay elements during the game's production.

While the final version doesn't come, check out the Vacant Island gameplay on our channel. If interested, download Vacant Island from the page. The respective links are available below.

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