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CONTROL ROOM ALPHA: You Are A Crane Operator But Giant Spiders Escape In This Horror Game.

Control Room Alpha is a short horror indie game developed by Mike Klubnika - also game developer like The Other Side, Remember? and Film Morbid - where you play as a crane operator in an underground science facility. Your supervisor will lead you to use the crane while hoping you are not afraid of giant spiders.

The game has visuals inspired by games from the 32-bit era or PC games from the 90's, where the resolution was lower and presented aliasing in the 3d models. However, it has become an aesthetic genre and is widely used in indie 3d horror games. The sound is also pleasing, creating a minimalist soundtrack based on sound effects that make the underground experience quite immersive.

In Control Room Alpha you play just by controlling buttons on a panel that lead a crane to a hole where you will need to take samples and put them in a case, however, spiders submerge, making the experience creepy, especially for those who are afraid of spiders.

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