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IKETSUKI: Witness the Final Hours of a World Slipping Into Oblivion in This Dark Platform Game

Iketsuki is a dark platform game produced by Modus Interactive and published on November 1, 2019, on the indie gaming platform "". In Iketsuki, you follow the final hours of a world about to end. You only interact with two characters, a Numen, a kind of priest, and Anahel, a strange armored warrior, who for some reason is prohibited from entering the temple of Iketsuki and needs a special power to enter. Your objective here is to find the mysterious Starseeds, feed the Orb of Iketsuki, and create special fish for the Numen, as well as investigate more about this world doomed to oblivion.

Modus Interactive is already a well-known figure on the channel in a way. He's the mind behind the recent (and impressive) shoot 'em up Frontier Diver Progenexis, ARD (Anomalous Research Development), which served as an extra game for this year's Haunted PS1 Community Demo Disc, and the amazing The Snow of Basidia, created for The Madvent Calendar Christmas Anthology, produced in 2020 by the same community (and which released an improved version, titled Definitive Edition).

Iketsuki has a great look, with aesthetics based on PS1 games. The visuals and lighting present in the game give it a nostalgic and impressive aspect that can catch the attention of retro game fans and those who like a bit of indie games, even if they are short ones. But an extremely positive point here is its gameplay: although simple, the charm present here comes from exploring a huge area, to find the Starseeds (in fact, two of them are hidden in two places in the scenario). Upon finding them, you use the power of a strange moon, located on top of the Orb, to create so-called lunar fish. Also, you can use Starseeds to feed the fish, creating fish of different colors.

Even though it's a short game, Iketsuki presents a very nice and fun style of play, which makes time pass quickly as we investigate every corner to find all the Starseeds. It's worth checking out the game. His gameplay you can watch by clicking on this link here. The game can be downloaded for free by clicking on the page below:

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